I had a significantly weird dream today(considering that all my dreams are weird). This dream was a bizarre one one that actually got to me…in this dream i could hear and see my own thoughts, it wasn’t like how everybody hears and see’s their thoughts…you hear them cause well your thinking them, but in this dream i wasn’t thinking them only hearing and seeing them like from 3rd person. I cant really explain the experience but if i was to try, in a nutshell it was like listening to raindrops while a thousand pictures, images, videos just flash before your eyes, but i could hear and see them all crystal clear, i could tell them apart, i saw them in depth, it was like watching a video of every single mi-newt idea, thought, song, video, memory, feeling, picture, i had seen, heard, thought, etc, was playing through my mind at the same time, it was kinda hard to focus on (considering its possible for my add to affect me in my dreams) but at the same time i understood it all…then everything went quiet.

When i looked around there was nothing just clouds and blue-ness, my feet weren’t on any surface and wind(i guess)was hitting me in the face, i got scared at first thinking i was falling (we all know how those spas falls are like when your dreaming)but i wasnt i was flying, flying over the perfect looking city i had always imagined and drawn at the sides and backs of the pages in my school notebooks,the city where every one could fly as i called it, it was weird to look at it from this perspective but i recognized it, it was real the place i spent hours day dreaming about in class.

As i flew through this ‘city’ i began to notice things, there were no cars, no bikes, no children playing in the park, no noises, no laughter, no cries, no pain,no sorrow, no happiness, and most of all there was no one flying, no one else but me.

As soon as i realized this i began to see all the imperfections and the more i saw the more unsteady i became, i began to fall…a person falling in the city where everyone could fly, the irony, as i fell i realized there was no one in it to catch me, i realized that this city was only perfect for me, a city where only i could exist, i realized, i was alone. Then i woke up and i was like…THE FUCK IS GOING ON BRAH! and laughed at myself, lol im weird.

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