So, umm yeah.

Life’s been good but also not so good, if i start weighing out the pros and cons i’ll probably end up convincing myself that everything is going to end up okay and will probably blow up in my face like every other time. So lately iv’e been completely swamped in work, iv’e been pulling off intense all nighters that are honestly not helping my health wise, iv’e only had two meals and slept for a total of 7-8 hours in the past 3 days, i haven’t slept on a proper bed and while everyone else in my house seems to be giving themselves holidays…literally, i’m out moving between home, school and my parents house in the middle of the night like motherfucking batman. I haven’t spoken to any of my high school friends in months or hung out with them, it feels like i almost don’t exist. My parents are leaving for Tanzania today for my dad’s swearing( He’s been promoted big time) and soon they will be leaving Malaysia, it won’t be much difference since i don’t live with them anymore but it was comforting to know they were around, even if they travelled alot, it still felt good to know they were coming back . At the current moment it feels like i’m juggling soo many things( and for some reason i still have time to write here) my classes, my assignments, my family, moving to the new house(which is awesome btw) my friends and all that…and the worst part is that i see my friends making plans with each other but its like they don’t even give second thought to ask me, but its not like i could join them even if i wanted to. Most of my friends are joining college now unlike me, who joined about 2 weeks after graduation…to be honest, i feel isolated, but i am thankful that i have my college friends to keep me sane, they’re not many friends but they’re great friends. I honestly miss that freedom i used to have, being able to sit down and watch E3 all night on youtube or Tobuscus videos but now its like: it’s either sleep, work or WORK!. I used to be able to talk about all this stuff with my friends when i was stressed out once upon a time but now its like i have nothing but pictures and memories of my old self and life, all i know is work, sleep, and (no offense if you see this) sexually frustrated class mates. I seriously don’t even remember the last time i talked to girl for the sake of actually wanting to talk to her, matter of fact anyone!. It’s like i only have conversations with people simply because they’re unavoidable. But the part that kind of sucks the most is that, i actually think about my friends alot sometimes but i keep getting this sort of heartbreaking image of them remembering me only when they pick up their dusty yearbooks sitting in the corner of their room when they decide to clean their rooms.

Oh well thats about it, and probably no one is going to read this, but whatever. >.> 

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Calligraphy Assignment: Basically how i’m going to do my assignment(Not neccessarily in this order)

1.What is calligraphy?

2.Orgins of calligraphy

3.Types of calligraphy: European and Asian

4.Uses of calligraphy

5.Pick a type of calligraphy: Islamic/ Arabic Calligraphy

6.What is Islamic Calligraphy?

7.When Was it started and most common?

8.Where was is most common and influential?

9.Reasons why it became so famous

10.Famous Islamic calligraphy artists

11.Modern Islamic calligraphy and influences

12.Styles of Islamic calligraphy and evolution 

13.Tools used in islamic calligraphy 

14. bunch if pictures 

15. bunch of more pictures



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Shit that i have to do for college…

  1. HDR Photography: which means alot of editing…FML
  2. Street life Photography: which means alot of walking and out doors stuff…FML
  3. Cityscape Photography: Which if i want to accomplish i’ll need a goram helicopter or if i lived in downtown Manhattan…FML
  4. Long Exposure Photography: Which means spending long periods of time in one place apart from being in front of a laptop screen yay ADD!…FML
  5. Panning Photography: Which relies on either skill or luck…both which i don’t have…FML
  6. Theme Photography: Of which i have no idea’s…FML
  7. Final Project: Need a poem(check)…40-60 photos(not check)..FML

And to top it all off, i only have a week…you guessed it..FML!

fuck college college photography class 2nd semester life is fucking with me